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digital marketing freelancer in mumbai, digital marketing expert

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I was a key contributor at Go Live Go Digital, a prominent digital marketing agency. My primary focus revolved around social media marketing. This encompassed designing engaging social media content and managing various platforms. My work showcased a dedication to simplifying the digital landscape to engage audiences effectively, driving remarkable results for our clients. I was committed to enhancing online visibility and forging meaningful connections in the dynamic world of digital marketing.


As the website developer for Gifts Foundation India, I had the privilege of crafting an online platform that serves a noble cause. My work involved designing and developing a user-friendly and visually appealing website for a charity organization focused on collecting donations to support various charitable initiatives. I ensured that the website effectively conveyed the foundation’s mission, streamlined the donation process, and provided a seamless user experience. My goal was to create a digital space that not only represented the values of Gifts Foundation India but also encouraged visitors to contribute to its compassionate endeavors.




In my role as a website developer, I had the opportunity to create a dynamic online platform for a house deep cleaning services business. My work involved designing and building a user-friendly website that effectively showcased the range of services offered by the business, emphasized its commitment to quality and reliability, and made the booking process seamless for customers. The website I developed aimed to enhance the online presence of the cleaning services business, making it more accessible and appealing to potential clients. My focus was on creating a digital space that not only reflected the professionalism of the business but also facilitated customer engagement and satisfaction.

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digital marketing freelancer in mumbai, digital marketing expert